We are making innovations to Hong Kong food culture with our one pound hamburger, which is only available at Meat King.

What is Meat King?

Meat King is Japan’s first specialized hamburg & steak house.
Using only ingredients that have been carefully selecting through a special production process, our original hamburg, which overflows with juicy and delicious flavors from a blend of US beef and pork, is our pride and joy.
Please sit back and enjoy the unique ambiance at Meat King.

The name “Hamburg” has its origins in a German port city!?

“Steak tartare” was popular among workers in the German port city of Hamburg, and when thousands of Germans emigrated to the United States in the 18th ~ 20th centuries, they brought Hamburg’s food culture along with them. When Americans ate Hamburg dishes prepared by these German immigrants, they called it the “Hamburg steak”. This is where the “Hamburg” got its name.

Hamburg Origin

Around the 13th century, when the Tatars of central Asia were advancing into Europe on horseback, they used as a means of transportation were also a valuable food source. However, because horse meat is somewhat tough and difficult to eat, the Tatars developed dishes in which they chopped the meat into small pieces to make it easier to eat. The “steak tartare” we have now is said have originated with this concept.

What makes MEAT KING so special?

1. US Angus Beef

Our USA-brand “Angus beef” has passed strict standarized quality testing and is the finest grade black cow beef with a soft and juicy taste.

We serve only the highest beef with Certified Angus Beef (aka CAB) approval.

2. Secret Recipes

Carefully selected US beef and pork are blended according to our own special recipe.

Please enjoy our original hamburger directly off an iron plate,  juicy and dropping with gravy, together with sauce and toppings.

3. Fresh Salad

We have purchased several dozen types of fresh vegetables to decorate the table with a colorful dining experience.

We provide fresh seasonal vegetables harvested in Hong Kong and purchased directly abroad. Our thorough quality control provides you with safe food and peace of mind.

4. Rice & Bread

Since we use Japanese domestic rice, you can enjoy high-quality flavor at any time.

Enjoy the freshly cooked steaming rice or our freshly baked bread together with our hamburg and steaks‭.‬